Live from Bedford, Stuyvesant, the livest one, representing BK to the fullest” bumping Biggie in the background I introduce myself to you, a geeky eclectic cat by definition, with a supersonic flair, born and breed in the love of hip hop. Let me be clear and preface this all by saying I have never been trained as a formal writer, I was your above average B+ student. However, I always had a talent when it came to drawing pictures with words. You may wonder or have assumed then that maybe I wanted to or even became an MC. To the contrary, just like words are developed through your hands to pen to paper. I speak my rhymes thru my hands with the cross fader and vinyl. So beats and breaks have for a long time and still remain my passion. Through these articles, I plan to educate some, invigorate many, and amuse others all while digging in the crates and elevating you all through rhythm. You know when you begin something you always have huge plans, as I did being selected to express myself openly, a right that way too many artist I feel “sell” in order to “sell”, but that’s one of many topics I plan to explore with you, excited…me….indeed.

So now you have an idea of me, let me ask you, if music were to describe you what would it be? In the movies the main characters always has some sort of theme music that lets you know who it is. Shaft came out to a raunchy trumpet section with some sweet flutes, and then the bass line, Isaac Hayes is a true master. Superman came out to a triumphant orchestral build up, Rocky had the trumpets that when I hear them now I can’t help but think “I’m about to whip Apollo Creed”! So what would your theme music be? Would it always be the same, or would it change daily? What if when you got in your car daily to do your everyday task be it going to work, picking up the kids, going to get grocery or stopping by micky dees and the radio played your emotions how would the play list go?

I always am interested to see people’s cds and ipods; for those that may be thinking I’m nosey…HUSH!!! In them you can find out a lot about a person, where they grew up, how they grew up, there drive and push towards success all of that. So what would yours be? If I were to pick my theme it would definitively be Billy Oceans “One of them Nights”, because the way it begins is incredible and it defines how I feel when I enter, like something incredible. My play list however would definitely vary, but for the most part be centered on joints like Erykah Badus’ “Get Munny”, Outkasts’ “Liberation”, and Jadakiss’ “We Gonna Make It”. Every play list has the “structure songs” and those would definitely always be in every play list in regards to the definition of me. So I challenge you to do the same, build your “definition of you” play list, and your theme song. Most importantly listen and make and incorporate that music in your life, then measure your advancement of knowing you, in thirty days. I am sure you will have noticed something new about yourself. Music speaks to the soul universally, even country can say something to you. We are going to begin our walk together here, and until we connect again I bid you peace and blessings, and never stop listening to the music.

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