The Ongoing Great Debate

January 27, 2018 johnniedynamite 1

Throughout the annals of time…as the generations change and the decades come and go the young and mature ALWAYS come to confrontation when the subject […]

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Bruno Mars & Cardi B Release an Early Summer Anthem

January 8, 2018 johnniedynamite 0

As most of the country hunkers down for uncharacteristic frigid temps, my grandfather told me it’s snowing in Tallahassee, FL something that hasn’t happened in […]

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December 31, 2017 johnniedynamite 0

As the new year approaches social media is inundated with memes and quotes by the masses speaking about the common nauseating saying “New year, New me”. This […]

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Dreams do come true

January 30, 2017 johnniedynamite 0

Several years ago I couldn’t even imagine some of the places spinning these records would take me…feeling blessed, a little overwhelmed but humble nonetheless…dreams really […]

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